Rainwater Collection Systems

An Introduction to EcoVie

ECOVIE provides design and installation of rainwater systems. We will design system layout and sizing to meet your needs and to maximize utility and cost savings. The collected rainwater can be used to meet almost all of your watering needs.

Rainwater for Life

Each time it rains, you get a gift from mother nature. A gift that can help you care for your landscaping even during a drought, pay lower water bills all year long, conserve the water supply, live a more sustainable lifestyle and realize financial and other benefits you may not have yet considered.

Welcome to ECOVIE, your rainwater collection partner for your home, business, or public building.

ECOVIE is passionate about rainwater. We apply our expertise to develop innovative, cost-efficient green solutions for your new or existing building so that we all manage our precious fresh water supplies better. See our project gallery. From systems that capture and distribute rainwater to solutions for stormwater management our mission is simple: to help you use rainwater to sustain and enhance your environment, lifestyle, and bottom line.

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ECOVIE Customers:

  • Commercial
    • Grounds Watering
    • Toilet Flushing
    • Process Water
    • Condensate Recovery
  • Institutional
    • Schools & Universities
    • Public Buildings
  • Residential
    • Outdoor Watering
      & Irrigation
    • Indoor Plumbing
    • Drinking Water


ECOVIE is a proud member of the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA). ECOVIE's founder, Bob Drew, served on the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association Board of Directors and is president of the Southeast Rainwater Harvesting Systems Association (SERHSA), a 501(C)6 non-profit.



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ECOVIE Rainwater Collection Systems and Atlanta Braves partner on rainwater collection system